About Us

About Us

MM Trade is the owner of SKIRTINGBOARDS.IE. We are a new company in the market with an ambitious plan to deliver high-quality goods produced in Poland to Ireland.

We aim to build our reputation by offering the most comprehensive range of quality products for every area at superb value-for-money prices.

We are committed to expanding our business by identifying and meeting the needs of our extensive customer base.

SKIRTINGBOARDS.IE is our new online shop specializing in skirting boards manufactured in Poland. Our partner company, Arbiton, is one of the largest floor accessory producers in Europe:

→ Almost 10,000 products in the offer

→ Over 20 years of experience in B2B customer service and professional and DIY sales channels in 40 markets worldwide

→ Plastic production: PVC extrusion, PS extrusion, and injection, PU

If you are interested in getting any goods from Poland or want to compare prices and specifications, please contact us at info@skirtingboards.ie.